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Sam B

Instead of using the simplified 'follow the leader' style of most Tai Chi schools, Keith gave me a deep understanding of the detailed breathing process and chi flow necessary to achieve this art's true benefits. He did an amazing job of ...
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Sam B.,

Derek B

Keith Brewer’s commitment to exhaustive research into both the technical and esoteric nature of Tai Chi has resulted in a curriculum of unmatched authenticity. Looking for the right instructor can take a great span of years, and I’m ...
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Derek B.,
Martial Arts Instructor

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No Tai Chi Teacher? No Problem!

February 4th, 2014

While having a tai chi (pronounced tie-chee and also known as taiji) teacher is the best way to learn tai chi, sometimes that isn't an option. But today there are a few other possibilities that can carry you over until such time as you are able to find a good teacher, including video. For the longest time the West had trouble